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This website contains information in the form of articles and book reviews on the History, Language and Literature of Malta published in the following (mainly) Maltese academic journals:

Malta Letteraria [1904-1955]; Valletta : Rivista mensile di Lettere, Scienze ed Arte / edita per cura del Circolo “La Giovine Malta” ; Direttore: Arturo Mercieca. [selection of articles], click here

Archivum Melitense [1910-1949]; Valletta : Malta Historical and Scientific Society, [complete set], click here

La Diocesi di Malta, Valletta : Curia Vescovile, [1916-1921] [selection only], click here

Melita : Periodico mensile italiano ed inglese; Malta : [s.n.]. [1921-1925] [complete set], click here

Il-Malti [1925-]; Malta : Għaqda tal-Kittieba tal-Malti, then: Akkademja tal-Malti, [complete set], click here

Bulletin of the Museum (Valletta) [1929-1935]; Valletta : s.n. [complete set], click here

Archivio storico di Malta [1929-1942]; Rome : Raffaello Giusti, [complete set], click here

Scientia (Malta) [1935-1981]; Valletta : The Dominican Friars, [a selection only], click here

The Classical Journal (Malta) : Organ of the Virgil Society (Malta Branch) [1947-1956] [complete set], click here

Melita Historica, published by the Malta Historical Society (MHS) since 1952, [complete set, but see remark 1], click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts ([Royal] University of Malta) [1957-1977], [complete set], click here

Journal of Maltese Studies [1961-, with interruption]; Msida : Faculty of Arts, University of Malta, [complete set], click here

Maltese Folklore Review; [1962-1973]; Malta : Giov. Muscat, [complete set: 4 issues only], click here

Hyphen : A Journal of Melitensia and the Humanities [1977-1995]; Msida : The Upper Lyceum, [a selection only], click here

Storja [1978-, with interruption]; [Malta : s.n.], [complete set], click here

L-Imnara [1978-]; Sliema : Ghaqda Maltija tal-Folklor], [1994-], click here

Proceedings of History Week [1981-], also published by the Malta Historical Society, [complete set, but see remark 1], click here

Links to (e-)journals of which the content is not uploaded to this website:

Journal of Mediterranean Studies [1991-], published by the Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta click here

Journal of Maltese History [Malta : Department of History, University of Malta], [2008-], click here

Also Included are the following thematic sections:

Arabs in Malta click here and

Peter Caxaro's Cantilena click here.


1. The Malta Historical Society places the Melita Historica and Proceedings of History Week articles and reviews, as well as other publications, and information concerning the Society's activities on her website: click here. The Malta Historical Society has a rule that Melita Historica and Proceedings of History Week issues published during the last two years are not to be uploaded on the MHS website. This mirror site follows the same rule concerning these two publications.