Journal of Mediterranean Studies

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Journal of Mediterranean Studies

Journal of Mediterranean Studies [1991-]

01 Authors in Search of a Character : Personhood, Agency and Identity in the Mediterranean / P. Sant Cassia. J.Medit.St. 01(1991)1(1-17)

02 Ritual, Play and Identity : Changing Patterns of Celebration in Maltese Villages / J. Boissevain. J.Medit.St. 01(1991)1(87-100)

03 The Selfish Gene in the Prehistoric Mediterranean : Implications for Society / Z. van Straaten. J.Medit.St. 01(1991)2(171-182)

04 The Macabre Element in Greek Mythology : A Prehistoric Eastern Influence / H.C.R. Vella. J.Medit.St. 01(1991)2(193-200)

05 The Prehistoric Parish Temples of Malta / I.F.G. Ferguson. J.Medit.St. 01(1991)2(286-294)

06 Dal Levante al Mediterraneo Centrale : La Prime Fase Fenicia a Tas-Silg, Malta / P. Brusasco. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)1(1-29)

07 Some Observations on the Investigation of the Phoenicians/Canaanites in the Ancient Mediterranean World / A.J. Frendo. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(169-174)

08 La Méditerrannéee Centrale d’Après le Pseudo-Skylax / É. Lipiński. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(75-197)

09 The Inscription CIS, I, 132, from Gozo and the Political Structure of the Island in the Punic Period / M. Heltzer. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(198-204)

10 Divinità Fenicie a Tas-Silġ, Malta-I Dati Epigrafici / A. Guzzo. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(205-214)

11 Fertility Aspects in Ancient North Africa / H.C.R. Vella. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(215-224)

12 Some Considerations Regarding the Sacrificial Precincts at Tas-Silġ / A. Ciasca. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(225-244)

13 An Ovoid Betyl from the Tophet at Motya and the Phoenician Tradition of Round Cultic Stones / G. Falsone. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(245-285)

14 Some Reflections on Malta in the Phoenician World / S. Moscati. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(286-290)

15 History, Anthropology and Folklore in Malta / P. Sant Cassia. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(291-315)

16 Witchcraft Beliefs and Social Control in Seventeenth Century Malta / C. Cassar. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(316-334)

17 The Wounding Song : Honour, Politics and Rhetoric in Maltese Ghana / R. Fsadni. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(335-353)

18 The Discovery of Malta : Nature, Culture and Ethnicity in Nineteenth Century Painting / P. Sant Cassia. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(354-377)

19 Far from the Tourist Gaze / P. Fenech. J.Medit.St. 03(1993)2(378-381 + ill.)

19 Primitive Infancy, Nature, Death, Religion and Life Beyond Death in the Works of Two Romantic Poets from Gozo / A. Cassola. J.Medit.St. 04(1994)1(97-111)

20 La Letteratura delle Isole come Espressione di Solitudine / O. Friggieri. J.Medit.St. 04(1994)1(121-137)

Work ongoing:

21 Carnival in Gozo : Waning Traditions and Thriving Celebrations / V.A. Cremona. J.Medit.St. 05(1995)1(68-95)

22 Maltese Ghana : Some Remarks on the Process of Invention / J. Cassar Pullicino, M. Galley. J.Medit.St. 06(1996)1(70-81)

23 Revitalizing European Rituals / ed. By Jeremy Boissevain. Review Article / P. Sant Cassia. J.Medit.St. 06(1996)1(182-187)

24 Ritual Spaces, Contested Places : The Case of the Maltese Prehistoric Temple Sites / R. Grima. J.Medit.St. 08(1998)1(33-45)

25 Performance in Ancient Sites : A Convergence of Cultural Values / V.A. Cremona, A. Pace. J.Medit.St. 08(1998)1(46-56)

26 The Shipment of works of art to Medieval Mdina, Malta / S. Fiorini. J.Medit.St. 09(1999)1(4-13)

27 Some Sources for the history of maritime trade in Malta / C. Vassallo. J.Medit.St. 09(1999)1(14-17)

28 Maritime relations between the Republic of Dubrovnik and Malta : Votive Paintings of Ragusan seamen in Malta / A. Kisić. J.Medit.St. 09(1999)1(64-73)

29 Ship graffiti – a comparative study / J. Muscat. J.Medit.St. 09(1999)1(74-105)

30 The international regime for the protection of archaeological and historical objects found at sea : A Mediterranean perspective / D. Attard. J.Medit.St. 09(1999)1(113-121)

31 The protection of cultural heritage in Maltese law / A. Ganado. J.Medit.St. 09(1999)1(122-134)

32 Goddesses and Monsters : Contesting Approaches to Malta’s Neolithic Past / K. Rountree. J.Medit.St. 09(1999)2(204-231)

33 The Maltese in Tunisia before the Protectorate, 1850s-1870s Towards a Revised Image / A.L. Smith. J.Medit.St. 10(2000)1-2(183-202)

34 The Maltese Mercantile Diaspora in the Mediterranean in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries / C. Vassallo. J.Medit.St. 10(2000)1-2(203-211)

35 Birgu, 1530-1571 The Heyday of a Maltese Maritime City / S. Fiorini. J.Medit.St. 10(2000)1-2(255-264)

36 Contesting Maltese Landscapes / J. Boissevain. J.Medit.St. 11(2001)2(277-296)

37 Representing Danger at a Mediterranean Drydocks / M.-A. Falzon. J.Medit.St. 11(2001)2(355-374)

38 Geopolitical and Commercial Interests in the Mediterranean Sea. The Reports of Angelo Rutter, English Vice-Consul in Malta (1769-1771) / S. Bottari. J.Medit.St. 12(2002)2(249-257)

39 In the 'English' Mediterranean (1511-1815) / M. D'Angelo. J.Medit.St. 12(2002)2(271-285)

40 Ports, Ships and Money: The Origins of Corporate Banking in Valletta / H. Frendo. J.Medit.St. 12(2002)2(327-350)

41 The Spatial Mobility of Seafarers in the Mediterranean: A Case Study based on Status Liberi Documentation (1581-1640) / S. Mercieca. J.Medit.St. 12(2002)2(385-410)

42 From Rhodes to Malta, The Order of Saint John of Jerusalem The Political Stakes of a Strategic Withdrawal / E. Garnier. J.Medit.St. 13(2003)1(45-52)

43 Les Français à Malte au XVIIIè siècle: Étude de l'Utilisation du Lazaret, de la Pratique de la Quarantaine et des Relations Commerciales avec les Regences de Tunis et de Tripoli / X. Labat Saint Vincent. J.Medit.St. 13(2003)1(75-88)

44 Museums Education and Cultural Contestation/ C. Borg, B. Cauchi, P. Mayo. J.Medit.St. 13(2003)1(89-108)

45 Changing Places- Archaeology and Heritage in Strait Street (Valletta, Malta) / J. Schofield, E. Morrissey. J.Medit.St. 15(2005)2(481-496)

46 'Seek Perfection': A Future with the Admiralty H.M. Dockyard School, Malta, 1900-1939 /M. Ellul. J.Medit.St. 16(2006)1-2(113-134)

47 Struggling against Isolation. Communication Lines and the Circulation of News in the Mediterranean: The Case of 17th century Malta / I. Grech. J.Medit.St. 16(2006)1-2(163-174)

48 Malta and the Rise of the Greek-owned fleet in the 18th century /K. Papakostantinou. J.Medit.St. 16(2006)1-2(199-217)

49 Servants of Empire: The Maltese in the Royal Navy / C. Vassallo. J.Medit.St. 16(2006)1-2(273-289)

50 Thinking through the Body: The Use of Images as a Medium of Social Expression / I. Vella. J.Medit.St. 17(2007)1(23-46)

51 God Protect me from my Friends : Prelates, Politicians, and Social Welfare in Contemporary Malta /M.-A. Falzon. J.Medit.St. 17(2007)1(47-72)

52 Jurisdictional Capacity and Landscape Heritage: A Case Study of Malta & Gozo / G. Baldacchino. J.Medit.St. 17(2007)1(95-114)

53 Conflict and Co-operation: Dom Mintoff, Giorgio Borg Olivier and the End of Empire in Malta / S.C. Smith. J.Medit.St. 17(2007)1(115-134)

54 Migration in the Mediterranean: Equalising Strategies and Social Hierarchies in Migrant Integration / D.E. Zammit. J.Medit.St. 17(2007)2(169-184)

55 Medeuro: The Longing for Identity and Community among Maltese Migrant Settlers in North Africa / H. Frendo. J.Medit.St. 17(2007)2(211-226)

56 From the Pulse of Social Routine to the Subversion of Normality: The Multiple Use of Bell Tolling in Two Colonial Sites: The Ionian Islands and Malta 1800-1870s /J. Chircop. J.Medit.St. 19(2010)1(1-26)

57 Further Thoughts on Networks and the Mediterranean / J. Boissevain. J.Medit.St. 20(2011)1(53-64)