Journal of The Faculty of Arts (JFA) ([Royal] University of Malta)

Note: All articles from this journal have been included here, whether or not they deal with Maltese history, culture or language.

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 1(1957)1

Index [Journal of the Faculty of Arts, 1957-1974]. click here

01 Introducing the Journal / [J. Aquilina, E. Coleiro]. JFA.1(1957)1(i) click here

02 Lexical Material in Maltese Folklore / J. Aquilina, J. Cassar Pullicino. JFA.1(1957)1(1-36) click here

03 The Vowels of Verbs with Third Weak Radical / E.F. Sutcliffe. JFA.1(1957)1(37-39) click here

04 Quelques noms propres maltais / C.L. Dessoulavy. JFA.1(1957)1(40-47) click here

05 The Decay of the Empire and Fall of Rome in Saint Jerome's Letters and Lives of the Hermits / E. Coleiro. JFA.1(1957)1(48-57) click here

06 Survey of United States Catholic Letters in the Twentieth Century / J. Pick. JFA.1(1957)1(58-74) click here

07 On Re-reading Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' / D.E. Sultana. JFA.1(1957)1(75-81) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 1(1958)2

01 Introduction / [J. Aquilina, E. Coleiro]. JFA.1(1958)2(82) click here

02 Modern English Poetry / J. Aquilina. JFA.1(1958)2(83-97) click here

03 Storia e poesia / A. di Pietro. 03 JFA.1(1958)2(98-110) click here

04 -Ere and -erunt Endings in St Jerome's Epistles and Lives of the Hermits / E. Coleiro. JFA.1(1958)2(111-113) click here

05 Lapurdium sacra peregrinatio / E. Galea. JFA.1(1958)2(114-116) click here

06 The Study and Teaching of Maltese / A. Cremona. JFA.1(1958)2(117-120) click here

07 Samuel Taylor Coleridge and an American Naval Hero in Malta / D.E. Sultana. JFA.1(1958)2(121-127) click here

08 The Affair of Ostrog : An Episode in Malto-Polish Relations in the Eighteenth Century / R. Cavaliero. JFA.1(1958)2(128-141) click here

09 The Re-opening of the University in 1800 / J. Cassar Pullicino. JFA.1(1958)2(142-148) click here

10 Some Aspects of Economics in the Light of Present International Co-operation / B. Fiorentini. JFA.1(1958)2(149-158) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 1(1959)3

01 Introduction / [J. Aquilina, E. Coleiro. JFA.1(1959)3(i) click here

02 Allegory in the Aenid / E. Coleiro. JFA.1(1959)3(159-174) click here

03 Poetry and Inspiration / J. Aquilina. JFA.1(1959)3(175-188) click here

04 Calpurniana / H.M. Currie. JFA.1(1959)3(189-192) click here

05 La Poesie italiana d'oggi / G. Curmi. JFA.1(1959)3(193-212) click here

06 The University Library 1839-42 / J. Cassar Pullicino. JFA.1(1959)3(213-243) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 1(1960)4

01 Introduction / [J. Aquilina, E. Coleiro]. JFA.1(1960)4(i) click here

02 Edith Sitwell : The Development of her Religious Imagery / J. Pick. JFA.1(1960)4(245-253) click here

03 Alfredo Panzini : Un grande romanziere del novecento gia' quasi completamente dimenticato / G. Curmi. JFA.1(1960)4(254-265) click here

04 A Sheaf of Epigrams / J. Aquilina. JFA.1(1960)4(266-270) click here

05 Determinants of Money Supply in Malta / M. Abela. JFA.1(1960)4(271-278) click here

06 L'Influence de la Femme sur la litterature francaise : La Renaissance: Marguerite de Navarre, la reine mystique / B. Fiorentini. JFA.1(1960)4(279-287) click here

07 The Ransom of the Peasants : A Dramatic Poem in Five Acts [Act I] / A. Cremona ; transl. from the Original Maltese by M. Butcher. JFA.1(1960)4(288-326) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 2(1960)1

01 Comment. JFA.2(1960)1(i) click here

02 The Role of Language in Society / J. Aquilina. JFA.2(1960)1(1-17) click here

03 The American State University System / H.R. Hoppe. JFA.2(1960)1(18-35) click here

04 The Social and Political Philosophy of Gerard Winstanley / B.C. Weber, W.I. Smith. JFA.2(1960)1(36-47) click here

05 Newman's Visit to Malta in 1832 / D.E. Sultana. JFA.2(1960)1(48-58) click here

06 Folk Dance and Drama / V. Alford. JFA.2(1960)1(59-68) click here

07 Luigi Pirandello / G. Curmi. JFA.2(1960)1(69-92) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 2(1962)2

01 Comment. JFA.2(1962)2(i) click here

02 An English Antiquary in Malta in the Eighteenth Century / D.[E.] Sultana. JFA.2(1962)2(93-105) click here

03 Law and Harding /J.W. Harding. JFA.2(1962)2(106-114) click here

04 Angry Young Men : A New Literature for a Changing Society / D.L. Fraley-Hills. JFA.2(1962)2(115-127) click here

05 Pareto's Contribution to Utility Theory / R. Cirillo. JFA.2(1962)2(128-131) click here

06 Before a Crucifix / J. Aquilina. JFA.2(1962)2(132-137) click here

07 Testi di poesia popolare religiosa maltese / G. Cassar Pullicino. JFA.2(1962)2(138-147) click here

08 The Ransom of the Peasants : A Dramatic Poem in Five Acts : Act II / A. Cremona ; transl. from the Original Maltese by M. Butcher. JFA.2(1962)2(148-163) click here

09 The University of S. Maria Portus Salutis / A.P. Vella. JFA.2(1962)2(164-180) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 2(1964)3

01 The English Language in Malta / J. Aquilina. JFA.2(1964)3(181-198) click here

02 Itinerario poetica e patriottico di Gabriele d'Annunzio / C.A. Dorigo. JFA.2(1964)3(199-216) click here

03 Sir Thomas Browne's Chemistry / W.G.H. Edwards. JFA.2(1964)3(217-228) click here

04 The 'Roman de la Rose' and the Poems of Ms Cotton Nero Ax, 4 / D. Farley Hills. JFA.2(1964)3(229-235) click here

05 Mary Stuart as a Bibliophile / B.C. Weber. JFA.2(1964)3(236-239) click here

06 Uno sguardo panoramico della letteratura maltese contemporanea / G. Curmi. JFA.2(1964)3(240-243) click here

07 Poeti maltesi viventi : G. Chetcuti / G. Curmi. JFA.2(1964)3(244-258) click here

08 Curriculum vitae : Prof. A.J. Arberry. JFA.2(1964)3(259-260) click here

09 Curriculum vitae : The Very Rev. Daniel A. Callus, O.P. JFA.2(1964)3(261-264) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 2(1964)4

01 Comment. JFA.2(1964)4(i) click here

02 The Two Voices of History / P. Serracino Inglott. JFA.2(1964)4(265-281) click here

03 The Church and the People of God : Fragments of a Constitutional History / J.T. McPartlin. JFA.2(1964)4(282-332) click here

04 Five Poems by / J. Aquilina. JFA.2(1964)4(233-235) click here

05 L'Influence de la femme sur la litterature francaise : la poesie de cour: Marie de France, premiere poetesse francaise / B. Fiorentini. JFA.2(1964)4(336-344) click here

06 Poeti maltese viventi : II. Karmenu Vassallo / G. Curmi. JFA.2(1964)4(345-359) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 3(1965)1

01 Editorial. JFA.3(1965)1(i-iii) click here

02 Malta and the Aragonese Crown: 1282-1530 / A.T. Luttrell. JFA.3(1965)1(1-9) click here

03 The Defence of Malta / J.T. McPartlin. JFA.3(1965)1(10-17) click here

04 Malta in 1565 : Some Reconsiderations / B.W. Blouet. JFA.3(1965)1(18-21) click here

05 Was Marlowe's 'Malta' Malta? / D.L. Farley-Hills. JFA.3(1965)1(22-28) click here

06 The Galley-Convicts and Buonavoglia in Malta during the Rule of the Order / G. Wettinger. JFA.3(1965)1(29-37) click here

07 Lamartine's Impressions of Malta / B.C. Weber, H. Redman. JFA.3(1965)1(-38)43 click here

08 Malta's Economy in the Nineteenth Century / S. Busuttil. JFA.3(1965)1(44-65) click here

09 Tribute to Professor Daniel Callus / A.P. Vella. JFA.3(1965)1(66-72) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 3(1966)2

01 Comment. JFA.3(1966)2(i-iii) click here

02 The Welsh Language / C.H. Thomas. JFA.3(1966)2(73-101) click here

03 The Gentleman and his Pride / I.E. Bevan. JFA.3(1966)2(102-112) click here

04 Poeti del duecento nella divina commedia / C.A. Dorigo. JFA.3(1966)2(113-137) click here

05 The Supposition of Universality in Art and Literature / G. Ross Smith. JFA.3(1966)2(138-147) click here

06 Poeti maltesi viventi : Rosar Briffa / G. Curmi. JFA.3(1966)2(148-160) click here

07 So much to do; so little done : An Appeal for more Research in Malta / L. Barrington. JFA.3(1966)2(161-164) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 3(1967)3

01 Editorial. JFA.3(1967)3(i-ii) click here

02 The Arab Contemporary Literature in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan / I.I. Naouri. JFA.3(1967)3(165-178) click here

03 Value Theory before Marx / S. Busuttil. JFA.3(1967)3(179-207) click here

04 [Poems] / J. Aquilina. JFA.3(1967)3(208-210) click here

05 The 'Ubi sunt' Theme and 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'/ J.S. Ryan. JFA.3(1967)3(211-213) click here

06 Poeti maltesi viventi : Mary Meylak / G. Curmi. JFA.3(1967)3(214-219) click here

07 The Letters of Phalaris to the Maltese / J. Busuttil. 07 JFA.3(1967)3(220-233) click here

08 Malta e l'unita' mediterranea / G. Alliata de Montereale. JFA.3(1967)3(234-236) click here

09 [Poem] / J. Aquilina. JFA.3(1967)3(237-238) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 3(1968)4

01 On our Review. JFA.3(1968)4(i) click here

02 Chaucer's Constructional Methods in the General prologue / R.J. Beck. JFA.3(1968)4(239-242) click here

03 Mark Rutherford's Autobiography / R. Rayson. JFA.3(1968)4(243-261) click here

04 La lecanomancie 'autoptique' de Thessalus / F. Cunen. JFA.3(1968)4(262-280) click here

05 [Poem] / J. Aquilina. JFA.3(1968)4(281-283) click here

06 The Problem of Integrating Microeconomics with Macroeconomics / R. Cirillo. JFA.3(1968)4(284-289) click here

07 Ida Reyer Pfeiffer and Malta / B.C. Weber. JFA.3(1968)4(290-295) click here

08 L'Umorismo / G. Curmi. JFA.3(1968)4(296-312) click here

09 Avventure dell'aggetive qualificato derativo da nomi propri / F. Lanza. JFA.3(1968)4(313-319) click here

10 The Periplus of the Mediterranean / J. Busuttil. JFA.3(1968)4(320-322) click here

11 Bou-Ras de Laurent Ropa / F. Cunen. JFA.3(1968)4(323-325) click here

12 [Poems] / J. Aquilina. JFA.3(1968)4(326) click here

13 Book Review. JFA.3(1968)4(327) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 4(1969)1

01 Academic Freedom and Other Things / [J. Aquilina]. JFA.4(1969)1(i-viii) click here

02 The Malta Currency Board, 1949-68 / J. Licari. JFA.4(1969)1(1-19) click here

03 The Great Educational Experiment / R.J. Beck. JFA.4(1969)1(20-28) click here

04 Malta's Second Development Plan: 1964-1969 / J.V. Simpson. JFA.4(1969)1(29-36) click here

05 The Muse Abroad : Poems / J. Aquilina. JFA.4(1969)1(37-49) click here

06 The Ransom of the Peasants : A Dramatic Poem in Five Acts : Act III / A. Cremona ; transl. from the Original Maltese by M. Butcher. JFA.4(1969)1(50-76) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 4(1970)2

01 New Opportunities for New Planning / [J. Aquilina]. JFA.4(1970)2(i-ii) click here

02 An Arab Humorist : Al-Jahiz and 'The Book of Misers' / D.R. Marshall. JFA.4(1970)2(77-97) click here

03 Il paesaggio nelle ultime lettere di jacopo Ortis / J.M. Brincat. JFA.4(1970)2(98-113) click here

04 Dickens and his German Relatives / H. Viebrock. JFA.4(1970)2(114-126) click here

05 [Poems] / J. Aquilina. JFA.4(1970)2(127-128) click here

06 Pietro Aretino / G. Curmi. JFA.4(1970)2(129-132) click here

07 The Jew of Malta and the Myth of the Machiavellian Knave / P.P. Grech. JFA.4(1970)2(133-155) click here

08 The House of Aragon and Malta: 1282-1412 / A.[T.] Luttrell. JFA.4(1970)2(156-168) click here

09 [Poems] / B. Mallia. JFA.4(1970)2(169-170) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 4(1971)3

01 The role of Maltese and English in Malta / J. Aquilina. JFA.4(1971)3(171-182) click here

02 Language and Law / G. Mifsud Bonnici. JFA.4(1971)3(183-192) click here

03 Cicero and Malta / J. Busuttil. JFA.4(1971)3(193-196) click here

04 I rapporti culturali italo-francesi nel settecento alla luce della critica moderna / J.M. Brincat. JFA.4(1971)3(197-209) click here

05 Comprehensive Education / C.H.R. Hansen. JFA.4(1971)3(210-214) click here

06 Poems / J. Aquilina. JFA.4(1971)3(215-220) click here

07 Shakespeare and the German Students / H. Viebrock. JFA.4(1971)3(221-235) click here

08 Maltesische Impressionen / W. Kucher. JFA.4(1971)3(236-243) click here

09 The Ransom of the Peasants : A Dramatic Poem in Five Acts : Act IV / A. Cremona ; transl. from the Original Maltese by M. Butcher. JFA.4(1971)3(244-260) click here

10 Poems. JFA.4(1971)3(261) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 4(1971)4

01 The Role of the University / J. Aquilina. JFA.4(1971)4(263-264) click here

02 La letteratura barocca a Malta / G. Mangion. JFA.4(1971)4(265-300) click here

03 Poems / J. Aquilina. JFA.4(1971)4(301-308) click here

04 The 'Buona-Unione' : An Episode in Veneto-Maltese Relations in the Late VIII Century / V. Mallia-Milanes. JFA.4(1971)4(309-326) click here

05 Poems / R. Vaughan Williams. JFA.4(1971)4(327-328) click here

06 Three Articles I. Xenophanes and Malta II. Polemo and Malta III. The Coral Industry / J. Busuttil. JFA.4(1971)4(329-333) click here

07 The Ransom of the Peasants : A Dramatic Poem in Five Acts : Act V / A. Cremona ; transl. from the Original Maltese by M. Butcher. JFA.4(1971)4(334-349) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 5(1972)1

01 A New Feature on Poetry / [J. Aquilina]. JFA.5(1972)1(1-2) click here

02 Maltese Poetry, 1960-1970 / P. Serracino-Inglott. JFA.5(1972)1(3-24) click here

03 Due recensioni su un poemetto di Dun Karm del 1920 / G. Cassar Pullicino. JFA.5(1972)1(25-33) click here

04 Fiscal Policy and the Effects of Governments Purchases : 'The Case of the United Kingdom' / A.W. Rote. JFA.5(1972)1(34-44) click here

05 Laurent Ropa / F. Cunen. JFA.5(1972)1(45-64) click here

06 Il realismo di Dante / A. Sammut. JFA.5(1972)1(65-71) click here

07 Existential Analysis of Anouilh's Becket / J. Micallef. JFA.5(1972)1(72-80) click here

08 A Comparative Note on the Social Concept of Work in Aquinas and in Recent Papal Documents / S. Busuttil. JFA.5(1972)1(81-84) click here

09 Poems / J. Aquilina. JFA.5(1972)1(85-88) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 5(1972)2

01 Language and Context / [J. Aquilina]. JFA.5(1972)2(89-90) click here

02 Some Early Islamic Sermons / D.R. Marshall. JFA.5(1972)2(91-110) click here

03 L'Ere des relations publiques a l'universite / L.P. Laprevote. JFA.5(1972)2(111-120) click here

04 The Arts and the Theory of Levels of Language / R.K. Sprague. JFA.5(1972)2(121-131) click here

05 Nota su un modellino di cella templare senza copertura / R. Virzi. JFA.5(1972)2(132-138) click here

06 War and Power / J. Micallef. JFA.5(1972)2(139-154) click here

07 The Ceres Inscription / J. Busuttil. JFA.5(1972)2(155-161) click here

08 Lucius Castricius Prudens / J. Busuttil. JFA.5(1972)2(162-167) click here

09 Societe litteraire du Maine / F. Gaucher. JFA.5(1972)2(168-175) click here

10 Federigio Tozzi / G. Curmi. JFA.5(1972)2(176-179) click here

11 [Poems]. JFA.5(1972)2(180-184) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 5(1973)3

01 The Future of Higher Education / [J. Aquilina]. JFA.5(1973)3(185-186) click here

02 'Nigremance' et 'Esperiments', au XIII siecle / F. Cunen. JFA.5(1973)3(187-216) click here

03 Words and Places in the Writings of Edward Thomas / M.A. Quinn. JFA.5(1973)3(217-230) click here

04 On the Boundary between Syntax and Logic / Z. Kempf. JFA.5(1973)3(231-244) click here

05 Poems / J. Aquilina. JFA.5(1973)3(245-252) click here

06 Biblio-Libica 1841-1968 / M.M. Bazamna. JFA.5(1973)3(253-260) click here

07 The Cult of Apollo / J. Busuttil. JFA.5(1973)3(261-268) click here

08 Styles of Disillusion / P. Ward. JFA.5(1973)3(269-272) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 5(1974)4

01 Intellectual Proletariat / [J. Aquilina]. JFA.5(1974)4(273-275) click here

02 The Popular Genres of Mass-media Fiction : or, Pagan Mythology in Modern Dress / P. Serracino Inglott. JFA.5(1974)4(276-304) click here

03 Manzoni e gli inglesi / A. Sammut. JFA.5(1974)4(305-327) click here

04 Le jardin d'Allelik de L. Ropa / F. Cunen. JFA.5(1974)4(328-333) click here

05 Poems [J. Aquilina]. JFA.5(1974)4(334-347) click here

06 The Two Houses / M.A. Quinn. JFA.5(1974)4(348-362) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 6(1974)1

01 What about our National Identity? / [J. Aquilina]. JFA.6(1974)1(1-4) click here

02 An American Traveller in Gozo : Maturin Murray Ballou / B.C. Weber. JFA.6(1974)1(5-22) click here

03 I contenuti semantici nella tennica dialogica del Decameron / J.M. Brincat. JFA.6(1974)1(23-41) click here

04 Schools of Painting in Medieval Malta / G. Mathew. JFA.6(1974)1(42-51) click here

05 The Italians and their Language in Australia / J.S. Ryan. JFA.6(1974)1(52-91) click here

06 Phenomenology of Time / J. Micallef. JFA.6(1974)1(92-108) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 6(1975)2

01 Blurring the Lines / [J. Aquilina]. JFA.6(1975)2(109-110) click here

02 Nietzche's Birth of Tragedy after a Century / H.S. Reiss. JFA.6(1975)2(111-136) click here

03 La poesia italiana di Dun Karm Psaila / A. Sammut. JFA.6(1975)2(137-160) click here

04 The Arab Conquest / J.B. Barnard. JFA.6(1975)2(161-171) click here

05 The Human Question / C. Delia. JFA.6(1975)2(172-176) click here

06 The Vulcano / J. Micallef. JFA.6(1975)2(177-188) click here

07 Poems. JFA.6(1975)2(189-194) click here

08 Labour Participation and Social Security in the Maltese Islands, 1967 / R.G. Milne. JFA.6(1975)2(195-217) click here

09 The Isle of Calypso : Gozo? / J. Busuttil. JFA.6(1975)2(218-224) click here

10 Marius Scalesi : Societe litteraire du maine, 19 novembre 1971 : introd. de/ F. Cunen. JFA.6(1975)2(225-251) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 6(1976)3

01 Language Teaching in a National Context / J. Aquilia. JFA.6(1976)3(253-254) click here

02 Il teatro melodrammatico Maltese / J. Eynaud. JFA.6(1976)3(255-272) click here

03 The Geta Inscription / J. Busuttil. JFA.6(1976)3(273-277) click here

04 Postumus / J. Busuttil. JFA.6(1976)3(278-282) click here

05 Fernand Gregh / F. Cunen. JFA.6(1976)3(283-289) click here

06 An Application of the Tax Ratio of Intension / E.P. Delia. JFA.6(1976)3(290-298) click here

07 'Renaissance in France, its History and its Literature : an Interdisciplinary Study' /G. de Rocher, B.C. Weber. JFA.6(1976)3(299-302) click here

08 Poems / J. Aquilina. JFA.6(1976)3(303-307) click here

09 Balzac's Historical Reliability / R. Beum. JFA.6(1976)3(308-311) click here

10 Arthur Koestler and Mysticism / N.B. Kvastad. JFA.6(1976)3(312-332) click here

Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 6(1977)4

01 Contents. JFA.6(1977)4(i-iv) click here

02 Foreword / M. Vassallo. JFA.6(1977)4(1-6) click here

03 The Law of the Sea and the Mediterranean / P. Serracino Inglott. JFA.6(1977)4(7-13) click here

04 Secularisation in Spain, Portugal and Spain / D. Martin.nJFA.6(1977)4(14-30) click here

05 Reciprocal Migration : A Mediterranean Example / C.J.M.R. Gulick. JFA.6(1977)4(31-41) click here

06 Portugal and the Western Mediterranean : A Suggested Survey / H. Bernstein. JFA.6(1977)4(42-52) click here

07 Education in the Classical Mediterranean World / C. Mizzi. JFA.6(1977)4(53-72) click here

08 Distribution of Villas and some of the Maltese Economy in the Roman Period / A. Bonanno. JFA.6(1977)4(73-81) click here

09 Martin I of Aragon and Negotiations for Peace and Prisoner Exchange with Tunis (1398-1410) / Z. Giraldo. JFA.6(1977)4(82-95) click here

10 Medieval Machiavellianism : A Study in 14th Century Castillian Diplomacy / B. Taggie. JFA.6(1977)4(96-108) click here

11 Late-Medieval Mediterranean Empires : The Catalan Example / A.[T.] Luttrell. JFA.6(1977)4(109-115) click here

12 The Language Barrier : The Problem of Bilingualism and Muslim-Christian Interchange in the Medieval Kingdom of Valencia / R.I. Burns. JFA.6(1977)4(116-136) click here

13 Centralism and Regionalism in Eighteenth-Century Spain / W.N. Hargreaves-Mawdsley. JFA.6(1977)4(137-143) click here

14 English Travellers in Late 18th Century Spain : Eyewitness Accounts / N. Holub. JFA.6(1977)4(144-152) click here

15 Funeral laments and Female Power in Sardinian Peasant Society / E. Mathias. JFA.6(1977)4(153-164) click here

16 Concubinage among the Clergy of Malta and Gozo ca. 1420-1550 / G. Wettinger. JFA.6(1977)4(165-188) click here

17 Del col.legi dels Jesuites a la universitat de Malta : contribucio a llur historia institucional i economica / M. Batllori. JFA.6(1977)4(189-200) click here

18 Il Algodon de Malta y la industria textil Catalana / P. Voltes. JFA.6(1977)4(201-205) click here

19 Historical Review of the Development of Medicine and Surgery in Malta / P. Cassar. JFA.6(1977)4(206-212) click here

20 The Plagues of 1675 and 1813 in Contemporary Poetry / P. Cassar. JFA.6(1977)4(213-220) click here

21 Changes in the Epidemiological Pattern of Disease in the Maltese Islands / F.F. Fenech, R. Ellul Micallef, M. Vassallo. JFA.6(1977)4(221-231) Remark: This article is missing. It will be re-copied and re-uploaded in Malta in April 2014. Anyone requiring this article in the meantime can send me an email:

22 Religious Symbolism in a Changing Malta / M. Vassallo. JFA.6(1977)4(232-252) click here

23 The Changing Status of Women in Malta / S. O'Reilly Mizzi. JFA.6(1977)4(253-263) click here

24 Contemporary Maltese Literature : An Interim Report / D. Massa. JFA.6(1977)4(264-275) click here

25 Theatre in Malta / J. Friggieri. JFA.6(1977)4(276-282) click here